Truth is, you could own a great external hard drive or computer. However, they will be damaged due to wear and tear at some point, which results in losing your data. That is just natural to any type of hardware. The technician of the computer repair shop near you could help your retrieve your data, however, others can’t do that successfully. It is always a gamble if you do not have your data backed up.

The worst thing on the internet is that it could pose several possible threats to your data. Things such as Trojans and viruses don’t only steal your data but they could erase it as well, in other cases.

Ransomware is also one of the threats to your data. It is when a hacker places a computer virus that will encrypt your data, which makes it useless. These hackers might require you to pay a ransom so that they will unencrypt your data so that you can retrieve them without any guarantee that the hacker will do so after you pay the ransom amount. You should not be worried if you have a backup of your data with you. This is why it is really important to have your data backed up for greater purposes. Here are some of the importance of doing so:

Data backup selections

There are a lot of ways for you to back up your data. It is best if you try to know the different backup types so that you can determine what type will suit you best according to your needs.

Cloud backup

Cloud backup enables users to have their data backed up that’s within a distant location. Moreover, this type of back up is very convenient since any user could access one’s data anytime they want using any device through the internet, making it easier to handle your data. A lot of cloud storage services encrypt the data’s content for security and they offer big storage space.

Flash drives

These are small transportable devices, which are usually utilized to transfer files from one device to another. They are also termed as jump drives, thumb drives, or pen drives. Unlike cloud storage, this type of drive doesn’t come with extra security features and big storage space.

External hard drives

Similar to the name suggests, this hard drive can be connected to the computer wirelessly or using cables on the outside. Some types of external hard drives are solid state drives (SSDs) and USB flash drives. This kind of hard drive has many advantages once you use it. It could store large data, easy to use, and portable. In addition, they could be transferred from one computer to another, which makes it suitable for transfer files and data.

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