It is crucial that you keep your establishment in excellent condition both outside and inside if you are a property manager. To keep the places they utilize the most, your tenants are counting on you. You will certainly lose your tenants if you keep on neglecting regular cleaning in your property.

However, even if you do routine cleaning, there are still several common areas in a commercial building that’s always at risk of getting dirty. These areas are very common and workers typically use them all the time.

Therefore, what are the common dirtiest areas in your commercial establishment that can cause colds and any possible illnesses?

Here are some of them:

Photocopier Keypad

Depending on the business, the keypad on the photocopier can be going non-stop every single time. Several companies regularly utilize faxes and photocopiers, such as medical offices. What would happen whenever several individuals are handling repeatedly a single surface? Of course, bacteria will be present.

Prevention: as part of your commercial cleaning services in Springfield MO, include a photocopier wipe down for bacteria, not just for dust.

Computer Mouse

Whenever they’ve got a desktop computer, almost every individual utilizes a mouse. At the end of the day, it is a thing that almost commercial establishment does not remember to include in the list of things to clean.

What is the reason why the mouse is one of the dirtiest items in the office? It is obvious how simple it is for germs to buildup on the most utilized item on a desk since people typically eat at their desks and do not wash their hands always. Then, they will have to utilize their mouse all the time.

Prevention: You should urge employees to schedule a wipe down of their work area. This includes their desktop mouse.

Office Phones

Fortunately, almost every desk phone is only utilized by a single employee. However, what about places where more than one individual utilizes the phone? In several offices, there is a phone in the reception area for clients to utilize whenever they are waiting. In other commercial establishments, if they are in a place where they do not have a particular desk or if they’re in a warehouse, several employees share a phone. The risk of germs that can lead to illnesses is a thing to be cautious of whenever phones are not regularly cleaned.

Prevention: As part of your commercial cleaning schedule, you should include the task of wiping down office phones.

Sink Taps

Simply because the plates and cups are clean do not mean that the hands of the individuals touching the sink taps are clean. If the sink in your commercial establishment is not regularly cleaned, it will get a lot of love from bacteria. They are going to multiply quickly.

Prevention: Aside from the commercial cleaning services you hire, it is an excellent idea to suggest that your employees wipe the kitchen tap several times a day using warm water and soap. This will stop the bacteria from spreading.