A smile can make an impression, and this is why oral hygiene needs to be maintained. And unfortunately, no matter what age you are in, the reasons for tooth decay remain the same: everything you take inside your mouth (of course, besides the frequency of teeth brushing). Just because excellent dentist Raleigh services are present does not mean that you rely heavily on them and forget to do your part.   


Tooth decay often happens when bacteria build up on the teeth that feed on the sugar from the food that you eat. Those sugars build up cavities that may even form plaque. Cavities are formed from bacteria metabolizing these sugars that turn them into acid, damaging your teeth. Yep, this is the reason why sugary foods are the number one enemy against a good set of teeth.   

The following are the foods that contribute to tooth decay including sugary foods:  

  1. Sugary foods like candies and sweets – foods like candies, cakes, pies, cookies, chocolates, and others really contribute to faster tooth decay. Besides diabetes, sweet foods and delicacies that stay longer in your mouth and settle on your teeth or in between them attract bacteria and cause cavities. Hard candies that stay long such as jelly beans, lollipops, caramels, and others that can be difficult to wash away by the saliva are on the top list. Now, if you really cannot hold yourself from eating candies and your favorite dessert, just remember to eat those that quickly dissolve. Also, eat them after meals and minutes before brushing your teeth and never in between meals.  
  2. Citrus fruit and wine – citrus fruits can be seen as part of a healthy diet. However, when you eat them on their own on a frequent basis, the acid from these fruits is enough to wear away the tooth enamel which leaves your teeth more vulnerable to decay and cavities. If you plan on drinking their juices, we recommend that you use a straw so the citric acids bypass your teeth and avoid damage.  

Additionally, white and red wine contain acid too, which leads to the same damaging effects. Moreover, red wine contains tannins, a kind of compound that is staining to the teeth. Make sure that you brush your teeth thoroughly to avoid stains and acid settling on the teeth.   

  1. Soft drinks and sports drinks – soft drinks typically contain a lot of sugar in them, which again contributes to bacteria and cavities. How about sugar-free soft drinks? Less sugary drinks still have acid in them that damages enamel and tooth, in general, so there is no escape from the damage. Especially sports drinks, which contain too many carbohydrates and viscous liquids. The thickened liquid can stay in your mouth for too long, attracting bacteria.  

It is recommended that you drink unsweetened tea or water to fuel your body, and avoid any kinds of juices in general. Water is healthy, overall.   

  1. Pasta sauce – tomatoes are acidic and when you eat them with pasta that contains carbs, it doubles the damage that your enamel gets.  


The bottom line is that anything that contains sugar and acid should be avoided. Of course, proper and thorough teeth brushing is required too.