Bachelor pads are known to be simple and minimalist. However, simple does not mean bland and pale. There are still many things you can do to transform your pad into a stylized and refined one without compromising your comfort and style preferences.   


While there are many services you can hire to ensure that you have the most recent and cozy pad like the Orange County architecture firms and other trusted companies, you will still need to know some important things you can have and do so you have something you can benchmark on. Follow these:  

Emphasize your collections and/or hobbies  

Your collection, whether it be cars, anime, or video games, can serve you better than just being an entertainment object. They can serve as your décor that will definitely fashion your pad into something that shows off your personality. As a bachelor, your pad can give an impression to friends and even on a new love interest. Of course, if you have a collection of any accessories, the more they will be an asset to your pad.   

Put some art  

Art does not need to be a feminine feature. Gone are the days that being artistic meant being feminine. A unique piece of art can transform your pad especially if it looks or feels like blah. Putting on some colors in a frame can actually make a huge difference. Popping some pillows on the couch can also do some magic.   

Show off your game room  

A game room is not that necessary in a bachelor’s pad. However, if you like gaming or you like certain sports, you may like to have a game room. One way to show off is to put some frames on the wall or a collection wall where you put some of your collected items. Moreover, utilize some good lighting as well as some good furniture that will complement the kind of sports you like. If you like computer games, a techy style of game room will definitely be a good look.  

Have some subtle patterns  

Variety is nice, but too much of it may make your pad look chaotic and disorganized, leading to an unappealing pad look. Different materials, textures, and colors surely will jazz up your place but harmonize them in certain patterns to make them appealing to look at.   

Maximize what your rugs can do  

Accent rugs really provide a huge difference in terms of appearance in the overall space. The floor consists of the entire lower space and so it definitely will make a difference even though you are not paying too much attention to it. It can tie the whole space and create the patterns that we mentioned previously.   

Invest in your lighting  

No matter how neat the place may be, if it does not get the lighting the space needs, all your elements will be put to waste, as they will not be emphasized. There are a plethora of ways to achieve good lighting. If you don’t have bigger windows for natural light, you can opt for lamps, pendant light, or a statement chandelier.